Essex County Accessibility Advisory Committee Presents Annual Report to County Council

On December 7, in accordance with the Essex County Accessibility Plan, the Essex County Accessibility Advisory Committee (ECAAC) provided its annual report to County Council on the status of initiatives that were identified in the Accessibility Plan, as well as an update on the Committee’s activities for the current year.

The following are the Initiatives and Activities of ECAAC During 2011:

  • New ECAAC was appointed in January 2011 for a four year term
  • Assisted with identification of initiatives to be included in 2011 Accessibility Plan
  • Reviewed and commented on the Draft Accessibility Plan
  • Circulated the 2011 Draft Accessibility Plan to various individuals and organizations within the disability community to seek comments and input prior to the final Plan being presented to County Council in April 2011
  • Published 6th, edition of the AAC YAK newsletter to share information throughout Windsor and Essex County 
  • Chair posted ECAAC information on Coalition of Accessibility Advisory Committees of Ontario forum
  • Adopted motion supporting the aMENU initiative which provides restaurants an option to post their menu’s on a website, in a format accessible to people who are blind and partially sighted and for mobile users
  • Forwarded concerns received from the public regarding accessibility of particular facilities and businesses to the appropriate local AAC’s
  • Reviewed Integrated Accessibility Regulation enacted on June 3, 2011
  • Participated in National Access Awareness Week by: Produced video depicting accessibility successes and failures within the region; Attended County Council on June 1, 2011 to show video
  • Chair of ECAAC wrote letter of support for Essex County Public Library Board’s application for Enabling Change Funding
  • Chair and Vice Chair attended AAC Regional Forum on May 12th, 2011 in London
  • Chair attended East Gwillimbury Public Forum on How to Advocate for Accessibility – June 11, 2011
  • Commented on County Wide Active Transportation Study – 30 day public review period
  • Recommended County Council adopt the draft Built Environment Accessibility Standards for County Use, until final regulation is adopted (recommendation not adopted)
  • Organized the 9th annual Accessibility Workshop targeting different audiences and providing ways in which to make our communities barrier free—both physical and attitudinal barriers – largest attendance so far
  • Planned wheelchair basketball game in recognition of International Day of Person’s with Disabilities