City Council Chambers equipped to serve people with hearing loss

 Burlington City Council Chambers is now fitted with new assistive listening devices to accommodate people with hearing loss. Small, cordless, battery operated receivers are available during council and standing committee meetings to help people hear the proceedings more clearly.

“Our goal is to ensure Burlington is a place where all people, regardless of their ability, can fully access programs and services offered by our city.
Ensuring that our facilities meet the needs of all citizens is important to sustaining a vibrant society, and enhancing customer service and direct citizen
engagement,” said Mayor Cam Jackson.

The wireless FM system transmits sound using microphones in Council Chambers via a radio frequency. A newly installed WallPilot will automatically switch to the correct FM frequency, as people using a hearing aid or receiver, arrive in Council Chambers. People can also borrow one of the city’s MyLink receivers
and use it with their personal hearing aids or with a supplied set of headphones.

“Hard of hearing persons no longer need to feel left out,” said Arthur Rendall, a member of the Burlington Accessibility Advisory Committee and one of the
first people to use the device at city hall on Feb. 1. “Many people with hearing loss receive varying amounts of what is said and misinterpret words that
are heard. This new FM system clarifies the words in a large room which improves to a great degree what is heard. Now you can participate with confidence in the city chamber meetings. Come and try the new system at a council meeting.”

The devices are available for use during standing committee and council meetings. People who wish to borrow a device just need to sign in with the city

The City of Burlington’s Accessibility Advisory Committee (BAAC) is a volunteer citizen’s advisory committee that provides input to staff and council about matters of accessibility. The BAAC works in partnership with the city to create a multi-year corporate accessibility plan, and participates in public awareness activities in and around Burlington throughout the year. For more information about
accessibility in the City of Burlington, visit

Media contact:
Judi Lytle
Accessibility Coordinator
905-335-7600 ext. 7865

Communications contact:
Monika Rejnowicz
Communications Advisor
905-335-7600 ext. 7879  

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