Accessibility Workshop Information Now Available

information from the essex county accessibility advisory committee’s 9th annual workshop, opening doors and minds, is now available online here at

Getting or Replacing an Accessible Parking Permit (APP)

Date posted to site, March 16, 2010

The Accessible Parking Permit (APP) is issued to individuals and entitles the vehicle in which it is displayed to be parked in a designated accessible parking space. The individual to whom the permit is issued must be in the vehicle and the permit must be visibly displayed on the dashboard or sun visor when it
is parked in the designated accessible parking space. The permit holder may use the permit in any vehicle in which they are travelling. There is no fee for an APP. The ministry issues four types of permits, which are colour coded; a Permanent Permit (blue), a Temporary Permit (red), a Traveller Permit
(purple) and Company Permits (green).

Accessible Inter-City Transportation 

Highway coaches are available for people with mobility issues.

After twenty-five years in the industry, I took it for granted that it was common knowledge
this service was available. However, I discovered that many people did not realize that with a minimum of twenty four hours notice, an accessible highway
coach can be made available to anyone with mobility issues.